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The Mind Body Strategist


Prior to your appointment you would have been given this website information and/or youtube clip so you have access to the information.

Free information call is always given to discuss if the trauma, coaching or training session is beneficial to your needs.

As always discussed with every first appointment the time could range from 2-5 hours at an investment of $220 per hour, due and payable on the day at the end of the session.

Professional Fees & Payment Terms

The fee for our services is fixed and established with you in advance.


Our fee for the services listed will be provided in an accompanying email or correspondence.

Our payment terms are: Full amount payable upon issue of our Invoice.


If the amount payable on the Invoice is not paid within 7 days of the date of that Invoice, all discounts will be null & void (that may have been offered to you prior to your sessions), then interest shall be payable by you on the total unpaid amount calculated from the date of the Invoice until the actual date of payment at the rate of 15% per annum calculated daily.


Our fee is based upon the information we are aware of and that you have provided to us about your current financial circumstances. Where due to unforeseen circumstances, the fee is, or is likely to be greater than anticipated or expected we will raise the matter with you as soon as possible and always prior to billing.

Whilst this fixed price engagement entitles you to unlimited consultation, if a question or issue requires additional research and analysis, that work will be subject to an additional fee negotiation and agreed to in advance and before the service is to be performed.

Work that you ask us to perform that falls outside of the scope of this engagement will be invoiced separately. We will discuss the nature of this work with you before commencement and will be subject to an additional fee negotiation and agreed to in advance and before the service is to be performed.

If during the process of carrying out the services as described we become aware of any strategies or opportunities, that if implemented, may add significant value and/or savings in tax then we may propose an additional fee that is fair and reasonable to both parties that recognises the savings and valuable results for you, as well as represents equitable compensation for us. Such a fee would also be subject to negotiation and agreement.

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