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Ingrid Grace

Meet Ingrid Grace

Ingrid Grace is one of those very rare people who can say she is a coach, mentor and true collaborator and mean it.

Over the past 20 years she has been well ahead of the game when it comes to empowering people, conquering fears, removing debilitating ingrained habits, dealing with blockages from trauma, freeing & releasing personal energy & seeing life and its experiences through a different paradigm.

Ingrid Grace

Latest Weblog Posts

How Do Business Owners Benefit from Mind Body Strategy™?
Business owners need to have a clear sense of purpose, not just for themselves, but for the greater good of their organisation, their employees, their family and the community. But purpose is extremely difficult to comprehend, let alone find, when you’re operating in a realm of desperation, stress and simply not knowing. Mind body strategy …

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How Do We Create Our Aliveness?
We tend to lose our aliveness over the duration of our life. We are born with a lot of aliveness, but then it can dissipate. We can find our aliveness by lifting that dark heavy blanket that drapes our body and mind, or emerging from ‘the dark night of the soul’ that we tend to …

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What is Mind Body Strategy™?
Mind & body strategy is the process where you connect your mind with your body so they’re in synchronicity, not combating each other. As a leader, an employee or a business owner, your responsibilities and accountabilities are enormous. But when we are battling with our fears (failure, powerless, anxiety, future, etc), our frustrations (relationships, colleagues, …

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