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As a leader, an employee or a business owner, your responsibilities and accountabilities are enormous. But when we are battling with our fears (failure, powerless, anxiety, future, etc), our frustrations (relationships, colleagues, ingrained habits, distorted beliefs, etc) and lack of aspiration (happiness, contentment, good health, guilt free, self-respect, etc), it’s extremely difficult to maintain responsibilities and be accountable to ourselves, let alone others.

Our proprietary approach to strategy formulation requires that we truly understand you first, the individual, via your mind and your body. Only then can we help you leverage opportunities and mitigate challenges.

As The Mind Body Strategist™, I can help you:

  • focus on your health and well-being which in turn has dramatic impact on relationships, family dynamics and work & social outcomes;

  • uncover an alternate path to recovery from the default methods & remedies which have probably failed you in the past and will continue to do so because of the inherent biases and egos that control them;

  • appreciate and understand what science tells us and consider fresh paths of treatment and remedies for diseases and distortions in the human psyche not seen before.

Successful mind/body health outcomes will promote better relationships, self-esteem, reduce stress, better management of anger, reduction in need for personal vices, enhance family dynamics, prompt motivation and gratitude, reduce family breakdown, enhance personal health, etc.

The Mind Body Strategist, Ingrid Grace


CEO Advisor

Having your own trusted advisor goes beyond coaching and professional development—it’s an insurance policy. It gives you access to expert counsel so you can tackle the most critical decisions and seize emerging opportunities.

By using her as a sounding board, Ingrid’s best clients get to the core of unfamiliar problems faster and formulate solutions sooner. When the stakes are the highest and the decisions the most critical, making the tough calls quickly makes sense and saves dollars.

For more than 20 years CEOs have relied on Ingrid to help them make decisions about growth, change, strategy, and talent—the disruptive decisions they just can’t afford to get wrong.

Her role as a trusted advisor can be behind the scenes, as an invisible confidante or more public, depending on your preference. She can meet you privately, or she can join you in meetings with clients, high-value stakeholders, board members, or senior managers.

As The Mind Body Strategist™, I can help you:

  • Immediately and dramatically improve both personal and company-wide performance
  • Set a more profitable direction for your career and the company
  • Attract and retain customers
  • Become a magnet for top talent

Working with Ingrid helps CEOs become decisive, strategic, and appropriately disruptive. She has been able to help executives answer these questions and others:

  • How do I prioritize today’s demands with tomorrow’s opportunities?
  • I know that what got me here won’t get me to the next level, but how and what should I change?
  • How do I develop a team that can operate efficiently without me?
  • How can I improve our employees’ interactions with our customers?
  • How do we foster a culture of innovation?
  • What do I do today to attract tomorrow’s talent?
  • How do I assess and develop that talent?
  • How do I prepare my organization for the retirement of Baby Boomers and the shift in labor demographics?
  • How do I work smarter so I can have more balance in my life?

Working together, you and Ingrid will answer these questions, identify the root cause of problems, formulate solutions, and move ideas to action.

The Mind Body Strategist, Ingrid Grace


Coaching & Mentoring

I offer Coaching and Mentoring services to Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Professionals, Solo Consultants and Business Owners that are customised to meet your needs of creating, growing, maturing or exiting a professional practice or your business.

Coaching and mentoring are not the same thing. They are two distinct progressions to your success.

Why is a coach or a mentor important? Who do you turn to when you need professional advice?

A coach and mentor is an independent accountability partner – someone who has no vested interest other than as a trusted advisor who wants to see you succeed.

My coaching & mentoring provides:

  • A confidential sounding board;
  • Additional solutions with a proven record of effectiveness;
  • Partnership with a peer who has walked in your shoes;
  • Fast tracking of personal or business development;
  • My only agenda is your success.
The Mind Body Strategist, Ingrid Grace


Workshops & Team Initiatives

Ingrid’s workshops and facilitated programs are crafted to bring people together with a laser-like focus on results. She helps you and your team reach your goals via practical, real-world content. She creates an engaging environment for learning, mastery, and successful implementation.

Programs and facilitation are customized to achieve specific, measurable results. From hour-long events to multi-day sessions, Ingrid’s programs can be held onsite at conferences, meetings, or company events, as well as via webinars and live streaming.

The Mind Body Strategist, Ingrid Grace

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